Azure IoT and Arduino – Part2

In Part1 of the Azure IoT and Arduino blog series, I showed how to hook up an Arduino Feather HUZZAH to Windows 10 and get it to run a simple blinky test. This post will build on that and show how to connect a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor. All of this information is found…


Data Exposed: Azure Data Lake GA!

This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Saveen Reddy and Rajesh Dadhia to the show to make the important announcement that Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics is now Generally available! This is exciting news! Barely a minute into the show and Saveen and Rajesh, both of whom are GPMs in the Big…


Data Exposed: More with SQL Server on Linux

In this SQL on Linux follow-up episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes back Tobias Ternstrom and Slava Oks to the show us more of SQL Server on Linux. Linux. Again, no slides, just pure demos. Tobias shows how to install, configure and get an application running on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). The install and configuration…


Data Exposed: SQL Server 2016 In-memory OLTP

Data Exposed has had Jos de Bruijn in the studio a couple of times, and today he is back to talk specifically about In-memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016. Jos is a Senior PM on the SQL team and today dives right in with a fantastic demo to first show how much easier it is…


Tessel 2 and Microsoft Azure

In part 1 of the Tessel 2 series, I discussed how to get the Tessel 2 working on Windows 10. In this blog post I’ll discuss how to get your Tessel 2 connected to Microsoft Azure and sending data to Azure IoT Hub. What the first blog post did not do is connect the Tessel…


Azure IoT and Arduino – Part1

As part of my IoT book, I showed how to use both a Raspberry Pi and Tessel to generate data and send it to Azure for processing. The awesome Tech Reviewers of my book suggested that I also show one other common board simply because the other two boards may not be generally available in…


Data Exposed: SQL Server 2016 – It’s Just Faster

This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes back Bob Ward and newcomer Bob Dorr to the show. Bob Ward, Principle PM Architect in the SQL Server group, and Bob Dorr, Principle Software Engineer in the SQL Server group, stop by Data Exposed to talk about the great improvements in SQL Server 2016 to allow it…


Tessel 2 and Windows 10

I spent many a day earlier this month trying to get the Tessel2 to work with Windows 10. I sifted through all of the forum posts and other online information try to sort out the issues and try all the different workarounds and possible solutions regarding the USB drivers and such. Kudos to the Tessel…


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