SQL Server Migration Assistant for Datazen now generally available

Today’s post is from Christopher Moncayo, a Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft BI team and previously a member of the Datazen team.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Datazen is now generally available in the Download Center.

Download SQL Server Migration Assistant for Datazen

This application is designed to help organizations migrate their existing Datazen Server content, including dashboards and KPI’s, to a SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services server. In a previous blog post, we covered how the Migration Assistant works.

The generally-available version supports the following additional Datazen features:

  • Dashboard and KPI data sources: SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server Analysis Services, OLEDB, and ODBC
  • Dashboards that use personalized data views
  • Data view refresh plans (where appropriate)

The Migration Assistant doesn’t migrate some items that don’t translate to Reporting Services:

  • KPIs that use personalized data views/queries (since Reporting Services doesn’t support data views that are both cached and personalized)
  • Dashboards or KPIs that use data sources Reporting Services doesn’t natively support (e.g., OData, Excel workbooks in a folder)

Try it now and give us your feedback!