SQL Samples have a new home on Codeplex

Looking for the AdventureWorks database or a sample application for the July CTP?


All sample applications and databases for SQL Server are now hosted on Codeplex, Microsoft’s open source project hosting site. With the move to Codeplex, you can directly access all Microsoft SQL Server product sample source code without the need to install anything. Customers can also install samples for specific SQL technologies from Codeplex rather having to install all samples. Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples on Codeplex aligned to and tested with each CTP release.


Along with the Product Sample projects, we have also started to release Community sample projects on Codeplex, which include groups of samples contributed by SQL Server MVPs, Microsoft employees, or other members of the community outside of our regular product release cycle. Community samples have already been posted for Analysis Services, Service Broker, and TSQL.


The Codeplex SQL Portal page serves as a common entry point for these and other SQL Server-related projects on Codeplex. SQL 2008 CTPs of SQL Server Management Studio and BI Dev Studio include a “Samples and Community Projects” link on the Community Menu that  redirects customers to the portal page.


With this approach to samples and community projects, we bring together a much broader body of code for our customers from a wide variety of sources. This new approach also enables us to take much more of a cross-product approach aligned to customer needs than the single-product focused approach we have taken in the past.