SQL 2005 SP2 – delivered!

Months of effort by hundreds of people (including many of you, I’m sure) culminated this morning in the release of SQL 2005 SP2.  This was a servicing release defined and driven largely by your feedback and bug reports.  There are also some big ticket items such as proper Windows Vista support and integration with Office 2007 – be sure to check out the What’s New doc and the press release for the full scoop.  Keep that feedback flowing in so we can incorporate it into future releases such as Katmai, the next major release of SQL Server.  Also we hope you’ll join us for a TechNet webchat on March 6th at 9am PST with members of the SQL Server development team.  In the meantime if you have questions about SP2 your best bet is visiting the MSDN forums.  It feels really great to get this release out, and we hope you agree!