Released: Microsoft Azure SQL Database Management Pack (v1.6.1.0)

We are happy to announce that a new version of Azure SQL DB Management Pack has been released!

You can find the release at:

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Management Pack for System Center 2012

Please see below for the new features and improvements. More detailed information can be found in the guide that can be downloaded from the link above.

New Features and Fixes

  • Dashboards same as other SQL MPs
  • Added a number of new monitors and rules, including the following:
    • CPU Usage (%)
    • Workers Usage (%)
    • Log write (%)
    • Data I/O (%)
    • Sessions (%)
    • Count Failed Connection
    • Count Successful Connection
    • Count Connection Blocked by Firewall
    • Count of Deadlock
    • Count Throttling Long Transaction
    • Count Connection Failed
    • XTP Storage (In-memory OLTP Storage, %)
  • Deprecated Collect Microsoft Azure SQL Database Internal/External Network Egress/Ingress performance rules
  • Deprecated Federation and Federation member workflows
  • Implemented rebranding: the management pack and some workflow names have been changed

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.