Early technical preview of Microsoft Drivers 4.1.1 for PHP on Windows for SQL Server Released!

Dear PHP Community,

Hi all, we are delighted to share the early technical preview of the Microsoft Driver 4.1.1 for PHP for SQL Server. The new driver enables access to SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL DW from any PHP 7 application.

The major highlights of this release is bug fixes, new functionalities and better test coverage.

Here is a summary of the bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issue with storing integers in varchar field.
  • Fixed issue with invalid connection handler if one connection fails.
  • Fixed crash when emulate prepare is on.

Future Plans

Going forward we plan to expand SQL 16 Feature Support (example: Always Encrypted), build verification/fundamental tests, bug fixes

Getting the Preview Refresh

You can find the latest bits on our Github repository, at our existing address. We provide limited support while in preview on our Github Issues page. As always, we welcome contributions of any kind, be they Pull Requests, or Feature Enhancements. I’d like to thank everyone on behalf of the team for supporting us in our endeavors to provide you with a high-quality driver. Happy downloading!

Meet Bhagdev (meetb@microsoft.com)


Comments (4)
  1. Thank you! The PHP community appreciates your efforts

  2. Just Me says:

    That would mean that so far there was no driver for accessing SQL server with PHP ? :O
    Oh dear…
    Or there were unofficial drivers? :^)

    But why PHP 7 only?
    How about older versions?
    Would that be too much to support? :^)
    I am pretty sure there are tons of ancient code out there, although that code might not decide to migrate to SQL Server anyway…
    But, for example, WordPress supports PHP 7 BUT most of the addons for it don’t. 🙁
    So, devs stick with PHP 5 only because of this.
    So, maybe you can try supporting older versions.

    By the way, I am a .NET developer and don’t like PHP much, but still it is a language and it work for its purpose – somewhat…

    1. Meet Bhagdev says:

      We support PHP5 with our older versions (3.0, 3.1 and 3.2):)

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