PHP Driver for SQL Server Feature Feedback

We are currently hard at work on the development on our next version of the PHP Driver for SQL Server and would love to hear your thoughts on some features we are evaluating.

To this end, how much impact do you find from the following features, and which are most important to you?

Brian quite rightly pointed out that I did not clarify what Buffered Queries were, so here's a quick blurb from his post:
"If it’s not obvious what that feature is, it is simply functionality that allows you to bring an entire result set into memory all at once (which the SQLSRV driver doesn’t currently support – you currently have to use a scrollable cursor if you want to move back and forth within a result set)."

Your feedback is very important for us in delivering the right features for our customers. Feel free to leave a comment below, or I am available either by email (jguerin _at_, twitter, or on our forums.


Thank you,


Jonathan Guerin
Program Manager
PHP Driver for SQL Server
Microsoft Corporation

Comments (9)
  1. ml says:

    Make a Linux version please.

  2. xianve says:

    I would really like to see support for named parameters in the prepare statement, instead of just using "?"

    As a practice we use stored procedures to access the database, and using named parameters makes it much clearer what parameters are being used and which are not.


  3. @ml: we are aware that many customers are requesting this!

    @xianve: PDO has named parameters, so I'm assuming you're using the SQLSRV driver? We have named parameter support in PDO_SQLSRV:…/ff628176.aspx



  4. Brian Duffy says:

    I would like to see the sqlsrv_num_rows function work without having to declare a cursor in my stored procedure. I have many stored procedures in production that I would rather not have to change in order to get a row count. Currently I am looking into adding an output param and getting it that way but that still means I have to change stored procedure code 🙁

  5. @Brian:

    You should keep an eye out on our upcoming release, I think you'll like the features in it. 😉



  6. Bob says:

    Does it still require ODBC?  That's an extra step which means it is one more thing that needs to happen every time the code is moved to a newer server.  If it could do db connections natively w/o ODBC that would be an improvement.

  7. @Bob:

    Thank you for your feedback. While I agree that we would love to reduce our dependencies, leveraging the work done by the SQL Native Access (SNAC) Client means that we can focus more on the features most requested by the PHP community. However, we are always looking for opportunities in which we can improve the experience of both installing and using our driver, and we will definitely take your suggestion into consideration.



  8. Bob says:

    Microsoft stopped recommending using ODBC for connectivity to SQL server about what 10 years ago now?  

  9. @Bob:

    That's news to me and I'm on the SQL Connectivity team!



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