SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1 Community Technology Preview is now available

Today we are excited to announce that the Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the Microsoft® SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1.   This version of the driver provides new capabilities for building PHP applications and support for SQL Azure as well as support for PHP version 5.3, enabling developers to build PHP applications with relational capabilities using SQL Azure Database.    Details of the SQL Azure Database CTP is available in a blogpost here.

 SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1 CTP will include:

·         Support for SQL Azure

·         Support for PHP version 5.3

·         Support for UTF-8

·         Support for Scrollable results, row countMigration to SQL Server 2008 Native Client framework that provides for performance enhancements.

You can download the CTP of the SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1 here.

The SQL Connectivity PHP team would welcome your feedback on this release.  


Raghu Ram

Principal Group Program Manager

SQL Connectivity


Comments (6)

  1. travis_pdx says:

    I’m very impatient to try this! But I’m not yet able to…

    PHP 5.3 is compiled with vc8, and this is compiled with vc 6 or 9, neither of which seems to be compatible. Is it possible to get this compiled with vc8?

    Alternatively I’ll try to get PHP 5.3 compiled with vc9 (or 6).

    The good news is that Zend’s Community Server 4.0.5 has PHP 5.3 and the 1.0.0 version of this driver, recompiled  to work with PHP 5.3 (at least for the basics).

    I’m very much looking forward to the included Unicode support… you wouldn’t believe the amount of code it has required for me to work around that in a generic manner!



  2. AaronDm says:

    PHP 5.3 is compiled with vc6 and vc9 http://windows.php.net/download/, I do not know of any official supported releases that is compiled with vc8.

  3. vbouret says:

    I just installed the driver and it works fine so far. Thanks for the new sqlsrv_num_rows. In fact, I just ported my php_mssql.dll based DB layer to php_sqlsrv.dll in about an hour.

    There is a small problem:

    The documentation states that we can use the following constants







    But the code example uses another constant:


    If I use any of the SQLSRV_FETCH_* constants, PHP reports them as unavailable. However, SQLSRV_SCROLL works fine.

  4. Serban says:

    The documentation is a bit misleading and needs corrections. The prefix for the new constants is indeed SQLSRV_SCROLL_.  These constants are mapped internally to the appropriate ODBC constants prefixed by SQL_FETCH_ . For example, the driver registers with PHP the string “SQLSRV_SCROLL_NEXT” as a mapping for the integer value represented by ODBC constant SQL_FETCH_NEXT.  Subsequently, only “SQLSRV_SCROLL_NEXT” can be used in a PHP script.

    Serban Iliescu

    SQL Connectivity Team

  5. Craig Marvelley says:

    Thanks so much for this release. A lack of support from SQL Server for UTF-8 has been a barrier for us for a while, so to get that AND 5.3 support is a dream come true!

  6. Morgon says:

    Great to see active progress on this!

    So now that UTF-8, scrollable resultset, and rowcount have been tackled ( http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlphp/archive/2009/02/18/Working-on-version-1.1-of-the-SQL-Server-Driver-for-PHP.aspx#9576520 ) , does this mean *nix support is next? 🙂

    Really looking forward to have an updated, native driver for SQL Server in -PHP- (not just Windows PHP!)

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