What’s new in the May 2008 CTP?

A new Community Technology Preview (CTP) version of the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP is now available for download. The May CTP version (1.0.821.1) is a significant improvement over the previous CTP version (1.0.515.1 of February 2008) and it includes several new and/or refined features.


The list of major changes includes:

·         A new API, sqlsrv_fetch_object, offers a more sophisticated alternative to sqlsrv_fetch_array by enabling retrieval of data rows as PHP objects.

·         Another new API, sqlsrv_num_fields, returns the number of fields in an active result set (thus reducing the need for calling sqlsrv_field_metadata).

·         A redesigned configuration facility anchored on two APIs,  sqlsrv_get_config  and sqlsrv_configure, allows you to explore and/or modify the error handling settings and to configure of the logging system.

·         By default, the driver treats most (i.e. all but four) of ODBC warnings as errors. This behavior can be turned on and off via sqlsrv_configure.

·         Connection options offer several new attributes, including the ability to enable (or disable) connection pooling. (Note: connection pooling is enabled by default.)

·         New query options (in both sqlsrv_query and sqlsrv_prepare) allow a better control of query execution. QueryTimeout aims to avoid execution deadlocks and SendStreamParamsAtExec eliminates the need for subsequent calls to sqlsrv_send_stream_data.

·         User Data Type (UDT) is now supported.

·         Results set fields are no longer starting at index 1. Both sqlsrv_get_field and sqlsrv_fetch_array have first data field at index 0.

·         All APIs (including sqlsrv_close and sqlsrv_free_stmt) will now return false when called with an invalid parameter.


Additional improvements aim to provide better indications of error conditions and reduce the potential for resource and/or memory leakage.


For additional details, please consult “What’s New” topic at:



The CTP release and documentation are available for download at:


More info is available on the MSDN site and the PHP blog site: http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlphp/ 

For any questions regarding the SQL Server 2005 Driver for PHP driver, please feel free to post a question on the   MSDN forum site for the PHP driver.


- Serban Iliescu

  Test Lead, SQL Server Driver for PHP

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