Storage Modes in Analysis Services

  Why did we only use the MOLAP storage mode in Project REAL?  There is also ROLAP and HOLAP storage, but they weren’t used at all.  Also, why doesn’t Project REAL illustrate pro-active caching?   The Analysis Services 2005 Performance Guide contains a more complete discussion of the storage modes in Analysis Services in Appendix…


Using SAN Volumes in Project REAL

Introduction As we started Project REAL, we were fortunate to be able to use multiple machines and SAN devices to test different configurations.  At the same time, this presented a challenge in that we needed to keep track of what information was on what SAN volumes even as those volumes could be switched from one…


Analysis Services 2005 Performance Guide

Do you want to know how to get the best performance out of Analysis Services?  Whether you have an immediate performance issue or just want to know more about what’s going on in there, this guide will be a valuable resource.  Many people used the AS 2000 Performance Guide and have been anxiously awaiting the…


Database Applications Profile Survey

We are conducting a survey to better understand SQL Server workloads.   Please consider providing your workload characteristics and hardware configuration to help us better understand the workloads that run on SQL Server. This is a detailed survey so we are hoping to determine more than what SQM or SQLH2 or other mechanisms offer today….



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