PowerShell Script for Creating a Policy to a File

Sethu Srinivasan, a developer on the PBM team, wrote a blog post for a sample PowerShell script that will create a new policy to check XPCMDSHELL and save it to an XML file.


Running Against SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000

@ TechEd SQL Server MVP Peter DeBetta and I presented a session where we created a PowerShell script for running a group of policies against a group of servers. The script was then automated using the PowerShell subsystem in SQL Server Agent. The result of each policy evaluation was loaded into a table for reporting…


Creating A Policy With the GUI

In the previous posting we introduced the main PBM concepts through the use of a sample policy: All stored procedures in the database must start with "usp_". In this posting we will walk through the creation of that policy using the PBM GUI accessible from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). The first step in creating…