Defining Complex Server "Health" Policies in SQL2K8

Bart Duncan (a dev on the manageability team and one of the masterminds behind the Management Data Warehouse and Data Collector feature in SQL Server 2008) has a blog posting where he walks through using PBM to author a complex server "health" policy.


Out-Of-Box Policies

SQL Server 2008 includes several predefined policies. These are generally associated with best practices and overtime the rules from the Best Practices Analyzer will be implemented as policies for PBM. A number of these have already been implemented and are available to you in one of two forms: First, they’re installed as part of every…


Policy Categories

Policy categories have two purposes in SQL2K8: 1) organization of policies and 2) policy scope. In this posting we’ll explore creating categories for each of these purposes. Creating Categories There are two ways to create a category: 1) the Manage Categories dialog and 2) The Policy Properties dialog. To create a category from the Manage…


Wide Format

You may notice I’ve changed the blog format from narrow to wide. I think this makes it more readable as it uses more screen real estate – less scrolling! Let me know what you think. Or let me know if you think I’m obsessing too much about something insignificant and I should be directing that…


Using PBM Against SQL2K and SQL2K5

We get this question a lot: can I use PBM against a SQL2K & SQL2K5 instances. The quick answer is yes but in a limited fashion. PBM is ultimately based on SMO (SQL Server Management Objects) and SMO supports SQL2K, SQL2K5, and SQL2K8. PBM relies on some changes to the DB engine which are not…



One of the key development tenets of Policy-Based Management was to raise the level of abstraction of management. The analogy I’ve used time and time again is Security Zones in Internet Explorer. Prior to Security Zones we had to scroll through pages and pages of configuration options. Security Zones greatly simplifies this task by providing…



Another PBM Blog (APBMB)! Lara Rubbelke has been blogging a bunch about PBM. Check out her blog here.


PowerShell Script for Creating a Policy to a File

Sethu Srinivasan, a developer on the PBM team, wrote a blog post for a sample PowerShell script that will create a new policy to check XPCMDSHELL and save it to an XML file.


Running Against SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000

@ TechEd SQL Server MVP Peter DeBetta and I presented a session where we created a PowerShell script for running a group of policies against a group of servers. The script was then automated using the PowerShell subsystem in SQL Server Agent. The result of each policy evaluation was loaded into a table for reporting…



The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (Fourth Edition) defines facet as: One of numerous aspects, as of a subject. The definition of Aspect (from the same dictionary) is: Appearance to the eye, especially from a specific vantage point. The definition of Facet in SQL Server Books Online is: A set of logical properties…