Using XEVENT in SQL Server

Xevent related system catalog views and DMVs Some one asked me how to use xevent. There are lot of system catalog views and DMVs that you can query. Here I will give you a brief introduction of those catalog views and DMVs and the SQL script that we usually use. We add extended event (short…


How to RPC to transfer data from native c++ to managed object

  My Experience on using RPC in mixed mode assembly     I was assigned a project which use RPC cross unmanaged world (from SQL Server code) to managed world (test c# code). The main idea is transferring event data from SQL Server to test application synchronously, so test application could do some real-time action….

Extended Event related sytem catalog views and DMVs

We add extended event (short for XEVENT) to SQL Server 2008. Along with this feature, we provide a set of system catalog views and DMVs to allow user to monitor extended event objects and sessions. For the usage of XEvent, please check the online help. When I do the testing for XEvent, I use those…