Download locations for SQL Server Native Client

You can download SQL Server 2008 Native Client here:

You can download SQL Server 2005 Native Client from here:

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  1. josvazg says:

    I have to write a small DLL to access a SQL Server (calling some stored procedures) for an embedded environment. I already wrote a similar DLL for PostgreSQL and it was very easy to find the API (libpq and write the code…

    Why is this so difficult for MSSQL?

    Where do I get code samples for accessing MSSQL server from plain old C code.

    If impossible, is there something for C++ code? (I can always hide the C++ from the DLL users)

    Is it possible to access a remote MSSQL WITHOUT having to configure the ODBC source OUTSIDE your code. I mean just saying the DB server host, port, dbname and user/passwd? (Just as JDBC DOES, for example, give it a URL or connection string and be done with it)

    Where can I get some help, API docs on this?

  2. anthony says:

    sir  can iknow othe thanr microsoft  sql server 2008 download link

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  3. Manjunatha says:

    link for downloading SQL Server 2008 Native Client above is not working…. :- help help…

  4. Pavel Čech says:

    Hello, i try download sql server native client from site:…/details.aspx . But I don´t know whit file is it?


  5. david_vcp says:

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client

  6. mcvilbar says:

    Hi David, the link above is not working. Huhuhu! We need this in order other applications using SQL server will be connected to DB server.

  7. david_vcp says:

    When I go to…/details.aspx and then search the page for "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client", you see three links for sqlncli.msi.  Each link is OS specific.  I just verified that the x64 download works on my computer.  (It detected that my computer has a newer version of SQL Server Native Client .)

    If those links do not work for you, can you tell me what error you are getting?

  8. Andrea says:

    I download Sql Server 2012 Native Client (for X64) but i have a problem with windows installer (not find a required DLL) ? I have checked the registry for some common windows installer problem (like path for run services in 32 e 64 or WOW64 key) but it seems ok …

    Can someone help me?

  9. david_vcp says:

    I will try to help you.  Can give me the repro steps, including text of any error messages?

  10. Mathew Edlund says:

    No, you cant' download it at that location and the location that microsoft gives you to download it, doesn't have any reference to the native client AT ALL.…/details.aspx  

    This seems to be about par for the course for the "new" microsoft.

  11. david_vcp says:

    Actually, it does.  But the feature pack website seems to be new, and it may take a little getting used to.

    For example, go to the page at the link you gave.  Click the Download button.  Scroll the list and look for the sqlncli version that you want.

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  13. tyralastdin says:

    do you have SQL Server 2012 Native Client?

  14. Mehran says:

    The links are not working

  15. david_vcp says:

    What do you need?

  16. Jayme Jeffman says:

    I have found good information on how to get all the SQLServer Native Client versions at


  17. MHN says:

    I don't know if somebody may still be looking for this info, but what MS people don't say is: you should click on the (+)  button at the left of "Install instructions" and the list they refere is shown.

    Totally anti-intuitive…

  18. MHN says:

    Thank you very much for you comment that helped me.

  19. Milos says:

    I typed name MHN by mistake. MHN Thank you very much for your comment that helped me.

  20. flo says:

    the link are not working, I tried all link