Download locations for SQL Server Native Client

You can download SQL Server 2008 Native Client here: You can download SQL Server 2005 Native Client from here:

SQL Server Connection Director will not be in the RTM version of the release

The SQL Server Connection Director is a feature in Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP.  However, Microsoft has already decided that this feature will not be included in the final version of Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2.  Please do not use this feature in Visual Studio 2010 beta…


Microsoft wants to hear your opinion

Dear SQL Server developers and users:It is this time of the year when we in the SQL Connectivity product team take a step back, review the priorities and goals for the long term and identify areas that will benefit from investments.We view YOU and your organization as a key stakeholder in this process and would…


ODBC 3.8 Enhancements in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

So, you’ve heard about some new ODBC features that were introduced in Windows 7 beta and you wanna know more about it.  There’s a great blog posting on our sister blog site describing the features.  Please go to for all the goodies. Jimmy WuSQL Server Native Client Team

SQL Server Native Client: Connection strings and OLE DB

(Anton Klimov, a developer on the SQL Server Native Client team, wrote the following article.)   Connection strings for an OLE DB provider is a concept that causes a lot of confusion. One problem is that OLE DB itself does not define connection string as a provider concept.   The documentation at Connection String Syntax (…

SQL Server Native Client, Windows (nee Microsoft) Data Access Components, Documentation, and You

  Hi, My name is David Schwartz and I own the documentation for SQL Server Native Client and Windows (formerly Microsoft) Data Access Components.   Are there sections in the documentation that don’t meet your needs?  I’m interested to know your thoughts on the documentation.    My email address is and I’ll read and reply…


ODBC 3.8 is in beta 1 of the Windows 7 SDK…

ODBC 3.8 is in beta 1 of the Windows 7 SDK…   And beta 1 of the Windows 7 SDK is now available on     ODBC 3.8 includes new features such as   ·         Executing connection operations asynchronously. ·         Streamed output parameters. ·         ODBC C data type extensibility.