"Hello MSDN World!"

I am not quite sure the world needs another SQL Server Blog, so I have hesitated to get one started for ... let's just say "quite a while". Finally, through some encouragement from friends and peers I decided to do it so that I could share ideas that I have gathered by working on SQL Server issues over the years. And since I called this SQL Meditation, I may just ramble on contemplatively at times , or in some cases use short Haiku-type of write ups. In any case, I hope you find these beneficial. I am thankful and honored to be able to share this with you.



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  1. Nathan Schoenack says:

    Hi Joseph!  I just stumbled on your blog and have to assure you, this is really good, beneficial stuff you are posting.  I will be returning to this blog and read every one of these posts.  You have a gift of explaining things in a concise, efficient way that isn't cold and laborious to read.  I've only read 3 of the posts so far, but it is both entertaining and informative – a rare combination.  Keep these posts coming!!!

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