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  1. Glenn Wilson says:

    It is interesting, time to see if I can reproduce :), always like testing things like this.

  2. Thanks for showing interest Glenn…!!! Do let me know how it goes….!!!

  3. Thanks for showing interest in the blog Satheesh…!!!

  4. great post .. Thanks for sharing

  5. Many thanks for appreciating Gurpreet…!!!

  6. Gaganpreet Singh says:

    Hello Harshdeep

    This is a nice post.

    I have a similar issue in which you can help.

    I have a windows 8.1 pro host machine with hyper-v as hypervisor. I have two virtual windows server 2008 enterprise versions.I have made both of those virtual machines as a part of the Active Directory domain The domain controller's name is DC, whereas the other one is SQL-A. One SQL-A, if I create a new directory and try to assign permissions to a domain user, I do not see the domain name, when I got to the new folder's properties -> Security tab -> permissions . Any help woyld be appreciated.

  7. gaganpreet Singh says:

    Hi Harshdeep

    i 've resoved my issue. For the benifit of others, I am sharing the resolution. The DNS adress was not set properly for the SQL-A machine. I set it to the IP address of the DC, and it worked like charm.

  8. Hi Gaganpreet, thanks for sharing the issue and the solution details. I would also recommend that you share this on the AD msdn forum as well. Thanks.

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