SQLSaturday 242

It has been a little while since I have done some public presentations, and today I had the opportunity to present at SQLSaturday in Indianapolis.  I want to that the Indy crew for putting on a very smooth and well organized event.  I also want to thank the sponsors as without them, SQLSaturday would not exist.  It is a great day of free training for local IT folks to give them a taste of what the PASS Summit it like.  It also helps people like myself get an opportunity to present, which I really enjoy.

One of my fellow PFEs, Joe McTaggart  gave an awesome presentation on how to use XPerf to troubleshoot IO issues!  My presentation was showing some free performance analysis and troubleshooting tools available from Codeplex.  I have to thank another one of my fellow PFEs Tim Chapman for working on it with me! I am attaching the slides and scripts that a few folks requested.



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  1. Thanks you and Joe for great presentation

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