I’m Speaking at PASS!

I believe this will be my 8th time at the summit.  I first went in 2003, and I missed a year somewhere in there.  This is my second time attending as a Microsoft employee, and I am excited to represent my employer as a first time speaker at PASS.  I feel very honored to get to speak and share some knowledge with the SQL community from which I have gained (and continue to gain) so much! 

My session is titled “SQL Server and SharePoint: Best Frienemies”.  If you are a DBA and have to manage a SharePoint environment, this is a must see.  There all kinds of tidbits of things that you would not normally consider when dealing with a SharePoint workload as it is a very different type of application.  I have given the session at SQLSaturday in Columbus and Cleveland, but I also have some updated content as SharePoint is always full of surprises. Come and check it out in room 6E at 4:45 on Wednesday! 


Since my session is in room 6E, it will be LIVE STREAMED on PASS TV !  Come watch and see if I make a fool of myself live on the web!

If you are unable to attend PASS this year, this is a great way to get some good, free content.

SQL Clinic

I will also be volunteering in the SQL Clinic which will really be kicking things up a notch this year.  If you have problems or just want some guidance, come see CSS, CAT, and PFE at the SQL Clinic.  It is a fun atmosphere to get free support from the best of the best.  You never know who may show up! I plan to spend a lot of time there helping out whoever needs help!

So wish me luck folks!  I really want to give a great presentation and hope that it really helps educate the SQL community, like all the amazing speakers at PASS! I can’t believe it is only a few days away!

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