SSIS The version number in the package is not valid

In a previous blog post, I showed you how you can set a target server version for an SSIS project in SSDT on VS2015 in order to deploy packages to multiple versions of SSIS catalogs. This is pretty cool, but if you deploy a project with a version that is newer than your SSIS catalog,…


Learn SQL 2016 Polybase with HDP – Part 1 – Build the Environment

I have been working with Polybase in Parallel Data Warehouse for a few years now, so I was quite excited to hear about this great feature making it into SQL 2016. It is a great was to use tools and a language you already know (TSQL) to be able to access data stored in Hadoop….


What Does Installing Polybase Add to My SQL Server?

In this post, I want to show you some of the components that are added to your SQL Server when you install the Polybase feature and where they reside. Introduction: Polybase is a new feature with SQL 2016 that allows you to query external Hadoop data and data in Azure Blob Storage. It has been…


SSDT VS2015 Gotcha – Target Server Version – new feature

If you are upgrading your SSIS packages to SSDT on Visual Studio 2015, you may not notice the TargetServerVersion project property that is new. There may be some odd side effects due to this, so I wanted to present awareness of this new feature. Please note that the sample below is just showing one particular…


Dogfood Conference 2015 Session Materials

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Dogfood conference this week in Columbus, OH. Being born and raised in central Ohio, I feel a strong connection with the local community. I love getting the chance to participate in local IT events.   The team did a great job organizing a wonderful conference! I hope to present next…


SSIS Tip: Using a File Path Parameter for Multiple Flat Files

SSIS with SQL 2012 and SQL 2014 brought a lot of great enhancements to SSIS that ease deployment and reconfiguration of packages. The project deployment model, SSIS Catalog, and parameters make it a lot easier to manage SSIS . It also helps decouple environmental configurations from the SSIS code. This way DBAs don’t need to…


Index Rebuild Enhancements with Newer SQL Versions

  Wow! It has been a long time since I have blogged. Microsoft is firing on all cylinders lately and keeping us Premier Field Engineers very busy. I am going to try very hard to get back to some regular blogging about topics that I feel are good points for customers. The other day I…


Dogfood Conference

Last week I had the opportunity to give 2 sessions at a local IT conference in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.  I gave a talk on using SQL Server Data Tools and another on SQL Server File Management.  I always enjoy getting to speak at community events, and especially local ones that are free for…


SQLSaturday 242

It has been a little while since I have done some public presentations, and today I had the opportunity to present at SQLSaturday in Indianapolis.  I want to that the Indy crew for putting on a very smooth and well organized event.  I also want to thank the sponsors as without them, SQLSaturday would not…