Introducing Fulltext Statistical Semantic Search in SQL Server code name ‘Denali’ Release!

We are very excited to introduce a new Statistical Semantic Search feature with Fulltext Search in Denali. With an optional new parameter ‘statistical_semantics’ you can now augment your Fulltext keywords index with two new indexes – one that captures top 100 statistically relevant words from a document and another that based on these relevant words, captures the top 10 similar documents in the same table. All together now Fulltext search not only allows you to search for a keyword efficiently, but also discover statistically relevant insight through prominent words and similar content.

We are providing you a compressed zip folder SQLSearchDemo that contains following documents and samples that should help you get started with all the new great features in Fulltext Search for SQL Server ‘Denali’ Release.

  • SQL Server Denali Fulltext and Semantic Search Features - Deep Dive Presentation
  • Fulltext and Semantic Search Features Demo Script for AdventureWorks Denali CTP1 Sample Database
  • Fulltext and Semantic Search Features Demo Script using Denali’s new FileTable feature
  • SQL Server Technical Articles Dataset for integrated Fulltext, Semantic and FileTable Features demo
  • Demo Instructions

We thank you for your active involvement during the development cycle of these features and are very much looking forward to your feedback from your test runs and live workload deployments!

PS: blog updated with new attachment for zip file.

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  1. Corrupted zip says:

    Hi Naaven,

    it seems that the zip is corrupted. Could you update it again ?


  2. Thanks for reporting the problem with zip corruption. I uploaded it again and verified that download works just fine (it took me two attempts to get the zip loaded correctly). Please try again and let me know if you are still having problems with the download.

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