SQL Server Community FAQs eBook download

Our SQL Server Forum Support Team authored, collected and consolidated those common asked questions in SQL Server MSDN and TechNet forums into this ebook so as to provide an offline reading and learning experience for IT professionals and people who are interested in SQL Server. In this ebook, there are totally about 101 items covering database…


Walkthrough: Integrating your SQL Server Reporting Services report into Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget

By default, after installing Window7 operation, there are many powerful and handy little tools in Sidebar Gadget, you can also download some customized Sidebar Gadget, such as: MSDN forum helper. Currently, we have some stock reports to show the real-time status of stock market, we also want to integrate SQL Reporting Services – stock report…


Walkthrough: Implement Optional Cascading Parameters with "<Select All>" in Reporting Services

By default, if we create cascading Parameters, Reporting Service will force us to select one value for every parameter, otherwise Report will not run. Sometimes, our users need to select the cascading parameters optionally, they can choose whichever they like or just leave it be <Select All>, if there is only one available value in…


FAQ: How do I send SOAP message to MDS web services to create EntityMembers with attributes other than Name and Code?

In Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS), we can call the MDS web services, and the method EntityMembersCreate to create EntityMembers, which have attributes other than Name and Code. The .NET code is provided in the Reference section in this article. However, you may like to use the SOAP message to create such EntityMembers….


Walkthrough: Update members in SQL Server Master Data Service using MDS API

Generally, we can use the EntityMembersUpdate method from MDS web services to update members in MDS. However, you may like to know how to update members, which have an attribute with a specific value.This article walks through the steps about how to get expected members, and then update them. Add a service reference to the…


Walkthrough: Control Dataset Query Dynamically based on SSRS Report Parameters

Generally, using a parameterized query can filter data for a report dataset at the source. When include query parameters in a query, Reporting Services automatically creates report parameters that are connected to the query parameters. This enables users to select the data based on a particular criterion, such as values in a data field need…


Walkthrough: How to change XML data for embedded XML document in a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report

In Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), you can use XML data source type to connect to and retrieve data from XML documents, Web services, or embedded XML snippets in queries.  For embedded XML snippets, people often ask how to change the XML attributes or elements values dynamically under a specified XML schema. This article…


Walkthrough: How to get distinct values of a column of a SharePoint list using SQL Server Reporting Services

You can connect to a Windows SharePoint Services Lists Web Services, and use GetListItems method retrieve data from a SharePoint list by using the XML data source type in SSRS.However, the GetListItems returns records for a column of a SharePoint list may include duplicate records. Unfortunately there is no direct way to remove the duplicate…


Walkthrough: Assign Dataset Dynamically Created in Code to your local report with ReportViewer

The Walkthrough: Creating a ReportViewer Report shows how to create a simple table report in a Visual Studio Windows Forms application project based on a predefined dataset and data table in the project. However, sometimes the dataset need to be displayed is not the one you predefined, so the dataset structure cannot be retrieved when…