service Pack 1 for SQL Server Express 2008 is Available

The SQL Server 2008 Express package with Service Pack 1 is now available. The simplest location to install from is here, select “Download and Install” now.  (Currently the other links on this package point to the original media. This will be revised soon).  This tool will determine if the pre-requisites are installed and if not will install them for you. Next, the tool will install the edition that you have selected. This tool allows you to install SQL Server 2008 Express Advanced and SQL Server 2008 Express with tools, but only the Express package includes Service Pack 1.

For information on how to apply the SQL Server 2008 Service Pack to the Express Advanced and Express with Tool package see here.


Peter Saddow

Sr. Program Manager on SQL Server Development Team

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  1. Papy Normand says:


    Among the KB included in the SP1, there is the 958778 directly related to SQL Server Express.

    Please, could you explain it and what is the name of a default instance ( i have understood that it is no longer SQLEXPRESS ) ?

    Thanks beforehand and have a nice day

    PS : who replaces Mike Wachal on this blog and on the Forums ?

  2. In the original release of SQL 2008, there were some issue with how the user interface (UI) set the Express instance name. The Instance Name for Express is SQLExpress, which is different than an actual default instance.  "SQLExpress" will be still the default instance name for Express…

    I will be one of the main contributors to the Express blog.

    Peter Saddow [Microsoft]

  3. Papy Normand says:


    Thanks for your answer ( i got the link thanks to Mike ).

    A little remark : you have not the same style than Mike but i appreciate what you are writing ******

    Can we expect to see you on the MSDN SQL Server Express Forum ?

    If your answers are as valuable as your articles are clear and comprehensive, it will be a delight ( but we will never forget Mike )

  4. Josh Booker says:

    I have SQL Express instaled as the machine default instance name MSSQLSERVER.  When I run Express SP1 setup and choose that instance, it won't let me select any features to install.  Presumably this is because it thinks my instance is not express because of the instance name.  Is there a workaround for this behavior?



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