Survey: SQL Express 2008 and Patching

We are working on the patching model that will be used for SQL Server 2008 Express and we’re considering a change that I wanted to get your feedback on. Please take a moment to answer a few questions; feel free to answer through a comment to this post or by clicking the EMAIL link at…


SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Whitepaper

The SQL Server Engineering team has released a masive white paper that details upgrading to SQL Server 2008. It’s all good information, but if you’re reading this blog you’re probably interested in chapter 10, which specifically covers SQL Server 2008 Express. You can find more information here. – Mike


Getting SQL Server 2008 Express on a DVD

A small but persistent group of developers has been asking for SQL Server Express to be released on media, most commonly from those folks who live in areas without broadband Internet (yes, there are still such areas) for whom downloading an 80 MB package can be an endurance challenge. One of the benefits of the…


Announcing the SQL Express 2008 Installation Package

Update: The SQL Express 2008 Installation Package (Express Wrapper) is no longer available. Currently the best way to install SQL Server Express is to use Web Platform Installer.   FYI: SQL Server MVP Andrea Montanari has posted his own summary of the experience of using this tool including screen shots of the UI. A quick and…


FAQ: Error creating a Service-based database in Visual Studio 2008 SP1

A few of you have run into problems when trying to add a new Service-based database to your project in Visual Studio 2008 SP1. This problem has been reported to Microsoft Connect and the Visual Studio team is working on a fix, but I thought I would provide some details on a workaround in the…


FAQ: "Installing" the SQL Server 2008 Express ClickOnce Bootstrapper for Visual Studio 2008 SP1

Clearly, the names of our components are getting too long, but that’s a matter for another post… Many of you have noticed that the VS bootstrapper for SQL Express 2008 (and similarly the bootstrapper for Windows Installer 4.5) are installed by the Visual Studio 2008 Express SP1 products, but not by the VS SP1 patch…


Detailed information about installing SQL Express and it’s prerequisites

There is a new posting in the PSS SQL Server blog that gives even more detail about installing the SQL Express editions including good information about the prerequisites. It’s the same type of information posted here, but Bob Ward is a more advanced blogger than I am so he’s included pictures and everything. This is great…


FAQ: Switching between SQL Server 2008 edtions

There is an extra step that you need to take when upgrading from one edition of SQL Server 2008 to another, for example when upgrading from Express to Express with Tools. This extra step is called Edition Upgrade (sometimes SKU Upgrade) and the net result is that you have to run the install wizard twice…


The SQL Express 2008 family is getting bigger

We’ve released SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools (a new edition for 2008) and SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services to the web. You can find information comparing the three editions of SQL Express in my recent blog post. You can find links to download any of the three editions of SQL Express from the…


SQL Server 2008 Express is now live!

I promised an update on SQL Express availability in my last post about the release of SQL Server 2008 so here it is. SQL Server 2008 Express is now available along with the release of the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, which is a prerequisite and Visual Studio Express SP1. As I mentioned, there are two…