New benefits for Registration and new Absolute Beginners Videos

The SQL Express team has been working hard to increase the offerings the help you learn and use SQL Express. Be sure to check out these new offerings.


SQL Server Express Registration Benefits Update

We recently update the 'Welcome' e-mail sent to SQL Server Express registered users to include many helpful new links and resources. In addition, we've refereshed the registration benefits to include an e-Book chapter from SQL Server 2005: Step by Step on how to develop SQL Server Express applications. Registered users can simply go to the Registration Benefit Portal to download this and other benefits for free. We are constantly adding new benefits, so be sure to visit the benefit portal often!

Five new SQL Server Express Absolute Beginners Videos now available!

In our continuous effort to help new developers get better acquainted with SQL Server Express, we've released five new learning videos to bring the total number of videos to thirteen - that's almost nine hours of video-based instruction! The Absolute Beginner video series is designed for new users interested in learning the baics of how to create, manage and connect to SQL Server Express databases through self-paced and on-demand learning resource. The new videos include:

  • Using SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • Getting Started with Reporting Services
  • Embedding, Packaging and Deploying SQL Server Express Reporting Services
  • Creating and Using Stored Procedures
  • Enabling Full-Text Search in your Text Data

Select your starting point based on your skill set by visiting the MSDN SQL Server Express Absolute Beginners Video Series page.

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