Database Publishing Wizard – CTP2

Our web hosting team within SQL Server has reached another milestone with the second CTP of the Database Publishing Wizard. Congratulations to the team! Here is the announcements in their own words explaining some of the updates and changes.

 - Mike

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the 2nd CTP of the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit!


This CTP contains both a dramatically enhanced Database Publishing Wizard as well as the new Database Publishing Services.


Major enhancements to the Database Publishing Wizard include support for almost all database-level objects and data types, a wizard-based GUI, and integration with the Database Publishing Services.


The Database Publishing Services enable hosters to provide a seamless deployment story for their customers who’ve downloaded the Database Publishing Wizard.  The services are designed to be easy to deploy and require minimal resources.  With this CTP, hosters can do test deployments in preparation for our formal release next month.


Comments (2)

  1. Ben_Ross says:

    Fast forward to 2013 — I want to have a SQL Server Express database replicate from an in-house server to a hosted server and then have that hosted SQL Server database be available online to 50 or so users each with different access permissions. What's the software that I would need?

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