Exciting New Features in SQL Server Express with Advanced Services

As a part of the release of SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1, we’re happy to announce the availability of a new package of SQL Server Express called Advanced Services.  Advanced Services includes SQL Server Reporting Services and Full Text Search, along with SQL Server Management Studio Express and SQL Server Express Toolkit (used to build reports).  SQL Server Express also continues to be available without the complementary features to keep a small download package for those who require it.  For a more in-depth comparison of the versions, check out the feature comparison page we’ve created to help with deciding which version of SQL Server Express is right for you.


We’ve also updated the download page for SQL Express to highlight which downloads and sets of tools accompany one another in the most productive fashion.


With the introduction of Advanced Services, professional users can scale up to create more sophisticated applications and take advantage of SQL Server’s impressive Reporting Services and Full Text Search features.  To make management easier, SQL Server Express with Advanced Services comes bundled with the new SQL Server Management Studio Express, the graphical management tool for SQL Server.  SQL Server Express Tool kit includes Connectivity Components, Business Intelligence Development Studio, Management Studio Express, and a Software Development Kit for management and report creation.


In conjunction with the release of these new SQL Server Express products, you’ll also find a lot more material for support, migration, fun projects, and learning materials targeted at a variety of audiences with varying skill levels from how-to videos for the database novice to out-of-the box starter kits for the hobbyist, to more technical whitepapers on topics like migrating to SQL Server Express from other databases and file systems.  And if you’re looking for feedback from other users, the SQL Server Express forums are always handy and useful. 


These exciting updates to SQL Server Express came based on direct input from customers like you.  Keep that feedback coming!



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  1.  Interesting

    post talking about the realease of SQL

    Server Express with Advanced Services….

  2. CSRedRat says:

    2 Gb of operative memory and all kernels of the processor (or at least 2-4, since it already the standard for desktop computers) apply to corporation Microsoft on decrease in restrictions in Express release on use at least. It is necessary for small server appendices on which the given edition is focused. Also I ask to reconsider the user interface of the dispatcher of reports since it morally obsolete and needs processing as MS it does with W7 and W8.

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