Setup and configuration of SQL Express

In an effort to continually improve SQL Express, I am curious to know if you have run into setup and configuration issues.  We are in the process of product planning and would love to hear your stories good or bad on this experience as well as any constructive feedback on what we can do to improve the current design.



Rob Walters

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  1. NX74205 says:

    If putting SQL Express on a Windows XP Pro (sp2) machine, and you want to use named pipes, as well as enabling the firewall ports, you need to disable Simple Network Sharing in the folder options.

    Simple script for the firewall ports is: –

    netsh firewall set portopening tcp 445 SQLNP ENABLE ALL

    netsh firewall set portopening tcp 1433 SQL_PORT_1433 ENABLE ALL

    netsh firewall set portopening udp 1434 SQLBrowser enable ALL

    Assuming default ports.

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