Feedback Requested – What Content Do You Want to see for SQL Server Express?

We’re in the process of assessing the content that exists to help people learn and use SQL Server Express.  This includes demos, tutorials, whitepapers, Webcasts, Starter Kits, and any other type of content you could imagine.  So this is a great chance to TELL US WHAT YOU WANT!  We’ll integrate your feedback and make sure…


Setup and configuration of SQL Express

In an effort to continually improve SQL Express, I am curious to know if you have run into setup and configuration issues.  We are in the process of product planning and would love to hear your stories good or bad on this experience as well as any constructive feedback on what we can do to…


Embedding SQL Express with your application

If you haven’t seen it yet, check Rob Walters’ articles on how to embed SQL Express into your application’s installation. ( This article covers the basics about the acceptable command line parameters for SQL Express setup, discusses how to create a wrapper class to detect, enumerate and install a SQL Express Instances and explores the the use of Visual…


SQL Server Management Studio Express CTP

I know that many people were concerned when we made the choice to pull Express Manager from the list of tools that would be available for SQL Express. In order to address that concern, we promised a scaled back version of Management Studio to meet the needs for a GUI management tool. We’ve released a…


SQL Express 2005 Released

Unless this is the first time you’ve looked at your computer all day, and the SQL Express blog is the first page you’ve looked at, you’re probably aware that SQL Server 2005 officially launched today. Just check out Microsoft’s Homepage and the SQL Server Homepage if this is news to you. As part of this launch,…


SQL Express 2005 September CTP

The SQL Server 2005 September CTP is now available; if you’re interested inchecking out the latest versions of SQL Express, here are some resources tohelp you out when you’re installing the build. Make sure to follow all the instructions on the download page and read allthe supporting documents related to SQL Express before you try…


Dedicated Admin Connection and SQL Express

The dedicated admin connection is a new SQL Server 2005 feature that allows a single user (an admin) to connect to SQL server when normal connection attempts fail, for example, when server is hanging, out of memory or other bad states that it’s not responding to connection requests. This feature requires pre-allocating dedicated resources during…


Workaround for uninstall error "The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed. Please install before running setup."

Some users have been reporting an error they see when trying to uninstall SQL Express, this error says, “The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is not installed.  Please install before running setup.” Since SQL Setup leverages .NET for all SKUs, the workaround is to re-install the .NET Framework 2.0, uninstall SQL Server Express, then uninstall the…


SQL Server service fails to start

In some cases on a non-English OS, the SQL Server Service will fail to start.  The workaround for this problem is to run the service as Local System or a Domain user account and not the Network Service Account (which is set if you do a default installation)


How to: Configure Express to accept remote connections

Updated The information in this posting is superseded by the following KB Article: 914277 How to configure SQL Server 2005 to allow remote connections;EN-US;914277———————————————————————————– Some people have been having issues when trying to make remote connections to SQL Express.  This document will hopefully clarify most of the issues around remote connections.First, networking protocols are disabled by…