FAQ: Why do I get warnings about IIS and COM+ during the install of SQL Express, is something wrong?

No nothing is wrong, the current builds SQL Server Express uses the same pre-requisite checks that the main SQL Server 2005 release does, except they are warnings instead of blocks. There is not problem in not having IIS for example.

These checks will be removed from SQL Express for Beta 3.

-Euan Garden

Product Unit Manager

SQL Server Tools

Comments (2)

  1. Beta 2 says:

    By the way: What happened to the full SQL 2005 Beta 2? Before TechEd Europe everybody was expecting it to be anounced there, ever since everybody is only talking about the Express version only. Would be great to post some update on that to your blog!

  2. Euan Garden says:

    The full beta 2 needed a little more time but it is very very close, we expect to have a release candidate in the next week.

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