Getting the full explain plan for long queries

I was recently debugging a large stored procedure (2000+ lines of code) for a customer. I wanted to look at the explain plan for a particularly long SELECT statement in the sproc right in the middle for optimal table design. I opened the statement in SSMS, copied in the text, added the EXPLAIN keyword in…

Adding AD Users and Security Groups to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure offers you the ability to federate your corporate Active Directory to the cloud through Azure Active Directory Connect and Federation. The federation to the cloud allows you to authenticate against your Azure SQL Data Warehouse instance using your domain credentials. We often are asked how to create a user or security group in SQL…

Scaling and scale monitoring SQL Data Warehouse via T-SQL

One of the key value propositions for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse¬†service is the ability to re-size the compute power of the database very quickly. A common pattern is to re-size the cluster before a data load to decrease load and aggregation time, then re-size again to save costs when running report/analytic workloads. The operations…


Introducing Azure SQL Data Warehouse

On June 24, 2015, Microsoft launched the Azure SQL Data Warehouseservice – a new enterprise-class elastic data warehouse-as-a-service. You can read the official announcement on the Data Platform Insiders blog.