AdventureWorks for SQL Database

Chris Skorlinski
SQL Server Escalation Services

I’ll be posting SQL Database (Windows Azure SQL Database) performance troubleshooting tips over the next few weeks.  For most of these examples I’ll use the AdeventureWorks2012 sample database available for free download on CodePlex.

AdventureWorks Community Samples Databases for Azure SQL Database

Once you download, execute from a CMD prompt to run the install script against your SQL Database.  You can also specify a “local” SQL Server if you want the same database installed both on-premises and in cloud.

CreateAdventureWorksForSQLAzure.cmd {servername} {user} {pw}

Be sure to use the fully qualified SQL Database server name and administrative user as in my example below:

CreateAdventureWorksForSQLAzure.cmd '' 'administrator_user' 'administrator_password'

Once the database is created you can connect using SQL Server Management Studio and browse similar to on-premise database.



Under the “Options >>” button you can switch the connection between the AdventureWorks2012 and MASTER databases.


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