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Chris Skorlinski
SQL Server Escalation Services

There is some great learning opportunities for Windows Azure SQL Database.  I decided to collect some of my favorites and includes them on my LINKS posting.


CSS SQL Azure Diagnostics tool released
--Web Portal tool to display historical query performance stats from SQL Database

Tools and Utilities Support (Windows Azure SQL Database)

SQL Azure CAT team article on loading data into SQL Azure
-- Other AzureCAT content can be found on:  Windows Azure Customer Advisory Team

Sync Framework Programming Tools to move data between On-Premise SQL Server and cloud SQL Database

Blog Postings

Main Microsoft Windows Azure blog along with SQL Database posts

Gaining Performance Insight into Windows Azure SQL Database
--Wayne Walter Berry posting on displaying SQL Database Query plans

Improving Your I/O Performance
--Wayne Walter Berry posing on Query plans and covering indexes

Introducing sys.database_connection_stats for Troubleshooting Windows Azure SQL Database
--Yes, another Wayne favorite of mine.

SQL Database Wait Events
--I follow all of Thomas Larock BLOG postings.  He's writing style is easy to read and informative.

New BLOG on troubleshooting and best practices for SQL Database.  This one has great potential.

MSDN White Papers

Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server -- Performance and Scalability Compared and Contrasted
--On my “must read” list of Conor Cunningham papers.

Windows Azure SQL Database Connection Management
--Another “must read” by Selcin Turkarslan and Srini Acharya.  This coverings throttling and reconnects is great detail.

Best Practices for the Design of Large-Scale Services on Windows Azure Cloud Services
--Another great article providing best practice insight into scaling out Windows Azure and SQL Database.  If you’re just using SQL Database, skip down to the SQL Database section, it alone is a great technical overview of SQL Database

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