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We hope to use this blog to communicate with the SQL Server user community on the CLR Integration features in SQL Server 2005 (sometimes known affectionately as SQL-CLR). This feature enables writing stored procedures, triggers, functions, user-defined types and aggregates in SQL Server using any of the .NET languages. Watch this space for usage tips, scenarios, samples and feel free to provide your feedback through the comments section.

- Balaji Rathakrishnan
  Microsoft SQL Server

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Comments (6)

  1. The SQL Server 2005 (Yukon) Common Language Runtime Integration team has started blogging at http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlclr/archive/2005/05/04/414769.aspx

  2. Odegaard says:

    It would be nice if you could share some knowledge on how to create custom indexes on custom datatypes.

    For instance a Generalized Search Tree (GiST) or R-tree for indexing geometric/spatial datatypes.

  3. Dmitriy says:

    Hello,CLR team.

    How can i create CLR stored procedure in SQL Server with varchar(max) parametr?

    Thank you.

  4. stevehem says:

    Hi Dmitriy,

    I’m assuming you’re using Visual Studio deployment to create your stored procedure. To create the stored procedure in SQL with nvarchar(max), use the SqlChars type in your .NET code.

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