Installing SQL Server 2016 RTM? You must do this!

Arvind Shyamsundar, Lee Woods Reviewed by Jeff Papiez, Mike Weiner, Troy Moen, Suresh Kandoth It has been a while now since SQL Server 2016 has been generally available. We trust you are excited with the great capabilities that SQL Server 2016 brings to you, and have either already installed or will be installing it soon…. Read more

Should you upgrade to SQL Server 2016? Yes. Today. Now!

SQL Server 2016 became generally available starting June 1st, 2016. And you should be upgrading to SQL Server 2016 now, if you haven’t already. SQL Server 2016, obviously provides tons of value to your applications and IT solutions, but if you are uncertain if you should wait a bit longer, then read on. There are… Read more

SQLCAT.Com – eBook Downloads

As of September 1, 2013 we decided to remove SQLCAT.COM site and use MSDN as the primary vehicle to post new SQL Server content. This was done to minimize reader confusion and to streamline content publication.  MSDN SQLCAT blogs already includes most SQLCAT.COM Content and will continue to be updated with more SQLCAT learnings.  You can also… Read more consolidated index of Whitepapers

In an effort to migrate as much content as possible from to the MSDN SQL CAT site we have consolidated all of the Whitepapers published over the last few years.   While all of the content actually exists on Technet and MSDN download sites, SQLCAT was a great resource to start looking.  Hopefully this will… Read more

Useful links for upgrading to SQL Server 2008

There is plenty of material available to help you upgrade to SQL Server 2008.  This blog is intended as a short list for the most useful guidance that I have found.   And you may have different experiences upgrading from SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 so please take the time to do proper preparation… Read more

Remember to move DTS2000 packages when upgrading msdb from 2005 to 2008

Some customers prefer to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 by detaching all databases from their SQL Server 2005 instance and then reattaching them to a completely new SQL Server 2008 instance.   If you choose this upgrade strategy, you should be aware that you cannot detach an msdb database from a SQL Server 2005 instance… Read more