AlwaysOn Availability Group in Windows Azure VM: Client Connectivity Scenarios

Author: Sanjay Mishra Contributors: Piyush Ranjan, Steven Schneider Reviewers: Ed Muth, Chuck Heinzelman, Silvano Coriani, Rama Ramani, Juergen Thomas, Cephas Lin, Lori Clark, Luis Carlos Vargas Herring Once you have created AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Windows Azure VM (tutorial) and created the Availability Group Listener (tutorial), it is important to know how the applications will… Read more

Scaling-out SQL Server disks and data files on Windows Azure Virtual Machines…a real-world example

Authors: Tim Wieman , Sanjay Mishra Technical Reviewers: Silvano Coriani, Cindy Gross, Chuck Heinzelman, Shep Sheppard, Mike Weiner, Nicholas Dritsas, Steve Howard, James Podgorski, Juergen Thomas, Ewan Fairweather This blog will demonstrate a real-world customer example of scaling out Microsoft SQL Server TempDB data files across multiple data disks in a Windows Azure Virtual Machine…. Read more

Be aware of the difference in isolation levels if porting an application from Windows Azure SQL DB to SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine

[One more post recovered from archives.]   Author: Sanjay Mishra, Tim Wieman Technical Reviewers: Mike Weiner, Shep Sheppard, Prem Mehra, Chuck Heinzelman, James Podgorski, Silvano Coriani, Madhan Arumugam Ramakrishnan, Sunil Agarwal, Guy Bowerman   Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine are two different data storage options and are best… Read more