AlwaysOn Availability Group in Windows Azure VM: Client Connectivity Scenarios

Author: Sanjay Mishra Contributors: Piyush Ranjan, Steven Schneider Reviewers: Ed Muth, Chuck Heinzelman, Silvano Coriani, Rama Ramani, Juergen Thomas, Cephas Lin, Lori Clark, Luis Carlos Vargas Herring Once you have created AlwaysOn Availability Groups in Windows Azure VM (tutorial) and created the Availability Group Listener (tutorial), it is important to know how the applications will… Read more

SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn High Availability and Disaster Recovery Design Patterns

This is one of the popular blog posts on Reposting (with updated links) here after is de-commissioned.   Author: Sanjay MishraContributors: Justin Erickson, Mike WeinerReviewers: Prem Mehra, Juergen Thomas, Steve Howard, Chuck Heinzelman, Jimmy May   SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn provides flexible design choices for selecting an appropriate high availability and disaster recovery… Read more

SQLCAT.Com – eBook Downloads

As of September 1, 2013 we decided to remove SQLCAT.COM site and use MSDN as the primary vehicle to post new SQL Server content. This was done to minimize reader confusion and to streamline content publication.  MSDN SQLCAT blogs already includes most SQLCAT.COM Content and will continue to be updated with more SQLCAT learnings.  You can also… Read more consolidated index of Whitepapers

In an effort to migrate as much content as possible from to the MSDN SQL CAT site we have consolidated all of the Whitepapers published over the last few years.   While all of the content actually exists on Technet and MSDN download sites, SQLCAT was a great resource to start looking.  Hopefully this will… Read more

Review a working option to setup a SQL Server 2012 BI solution using Azure’s IaaS VMs

By: Nicholas Dritsas Reviewers: James Podgorski, Olivier Matrat, Sanjay Mishra Overview Azure’s Iaas VMs plus Virtual Networks can be used to configure easily a set of servers/VMs to host the main components of a BI solution. This process assumes you already have an Azure subscription plus access to add new VMs and Virtual Networks. Setting… Read more

AlwaysOn Availability Groups Generate Network Traffic with No User Activity

  Author: Kevin Cox Contributors:  Min He,Steve Lindell Reviewers: Sanjay Mishra, Juergen Thomas, Jimmy May   Creating an availability group needs pings and status checks across the different servers involved. This accounts for approximately 500 bytes per database in the group.  The PerfMon counter used to track the activity is “Bytes Received from Replica/sec”.  Books Online… Read more