SQLCAT.Com – eBook Downloads

As of September 1, 2013 we decided to remove SQLCAT.COM site and use MSDN as the primary vehicle to post new SQL Server content. This was done to minimize reader confusion and to streamline content publication.  MSDN SQLCAT blogs already includes most SQLCAT.COM Content and will continue to be updated with more SQLCAT learnings.  You can also… Read more

Comparing Different Results with RCSI & Read Committed

Author: Kun ChengReviewers: Sunil Agarwal, Steve Howard, Shaun Tinline-Jones, Prem Mehra, Sanjay Mishra, Michael Thomassy, Mike Ruthruff, Howard Yin, Jimmy May During a recent ISV partner engagement, we decided to enable RCSI (Read Committed Snapshot Isolation) on a SQL Server 2008 R2 instance with the objective of minimizing blocking. As expected, we did not encounter any… Read more

How to Enable RCSI for a Database with Database Mirroring

  Author: Sanjay Mishra Reviewers: Prem Mehra, Alexei Khalyako, Kun Cheng, Mike Ruthruff, Thomas Kejser, Sunil Agarwal   To enable read committed snapshot isolation (RCSI) on a database, one needs to execute the following command: ALTER DATABASE <db_name> SET READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON If you execute the above command on a database that is acting as database… Read more