Be aware of the difference in isolation levels if porting an application from Windows Azure SQL DB to SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine

[One more post recovered from archives.]   Author: Sanjay Mishra, Tim Wieman Technical Reviewers: Mike Weiner, Shep Sheppard, Prem Mehra, Chuck Heinzelman, James Podgorski, Silvano Coriani, Madhan Arumugam Ramakrishnan, Sunil Agarwal, Guy Bowerman   Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machine are two different data storage options and are best… Read more

SQLCAT.Com – eBook Downloads

As of September 1, 2013 we decided to remove SQLCAT.COM site and use MSDN as the primary vehicle to post new SQL Server content. This was done to minimize reader confusion and to streamline content publication.  MSDN SQLCAT blogs already includes most SQLCAT.COM Content and will continue to be updated with more SQLCAT learnings.  You can also… Read more

Linked Servers to SQL Azure

Authors:  Kevin Cox & Michael Thomassy Contributors: Lubor Kollar Technical Reviewers: Shaun Tinline-Jones, Chuck Heinzelman, Steve Howard, Kun Cheng, Jimmy May Overview   Connecting directly to a SQL Azure database from a reporting tool (like Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot, or SQL Server Reporting Services) from your desktop or local data center is possible using a… Read more

SQL Azure Customer Best Practices

The SQLCAT team and the SQL Azure team have been working closely together with a number of customers even before we launched our CTP (Community Technology Preview) in November, 2009 at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference).  After our production release in January, 2010, we’ve continued working with some interesting customers and have captured a number… Read more