SQL Server VLDB in Azure: DBA Tasks Made Simple

Reviewed by: Rajesh Setlem, Mike Weiner, Xiaochen Wu With thanks to Joey D’Antoni (blog) for asking a great question that prompted this article. As any experienced DBA knows, supporting a very large database (VLDB) tends to be exponentially more complex than supporting smaller databases. The definition of VLDB has been shifting in recent years, but… Read more

Backing up a VLDB to Azure Blob Storage

Reviewed by: Pat Schaefer, Rajesh Setlem, Xiaochen Wu, Murshed Zaman All SQL Server versions starting from SQL Server 2012 SP1 CU2 support Backup to URL, which allows storing SQL Server backups in Azure Blob Storage. In SQL Server 2016, several improvements to Backup to URL were made, including the ability to use block blobs in… Read more

SQLSweet16!, Episode 1: Backup Compression for TDE-enabled Databases

 Sanjay Mishra, with contributions from Aasav Prakash Reviewed by: Denzil Ribeiro, Murshed Zaman, Arvind Shyamsundar, Mike Ruthruff Celebrating the release of SQL Server 2016, we are starting a new blog series on exciting new scenarios and features. Aptly named “Sweet 16” series, we will discuss sixteen new capabilities in SQL Server 2016 (one on each… Read more