How do you measure CPU pressure?

It is important to understand whether CPU pressure is affecting SQL Server performance.  This is true even in the case where SQL Server is the only application running on a particular box.  The System object Perfmon counter Processor Queue length is not necessarily an effective way of measuring CPU pressure in SQL Server.  To see… Read more

Application Patterns causing poor performance

This series of blogs is a direct response from observing application patterns that can cause poor database performance.  Some of the patterns are may seem trivial or simple, but they still need to be covered because we see them many times.  Most of the patterns have a simple interpretation of what causes the bad performance… Read more

New exciting BLOG coming from SQL Server Customer Advisory Team

Hello SQL Server Community!  My name is Mark Souza and I work on the SQL Server product team and manage all customer programs.  One exciting team that I manage is called the SQL Server Customer Advisory team (SQLCAT).   This team spends 75% of their time away from the halls of Redmond, Washington working directly with… Read more