New version of Partition Management Utility supports SQL2012, ColumnStore Indexes

A new version of the Partition Management Utility for SQL Server is now available on Codeplex at   This is a tool that helps you create necessary staging tables and indexes and associated check constraints, to support partition-switch operations against existing partitioned tables.   This solves the problem of keeping staging table scripts in synch when… Read more

Review a working option to setup a SQL Server 2012 BI solution using Azure’s IaaS VMs

By: Nicholas Dritsas Reviewers: James Podgorski, Olivier Matrat, Sanjay Mishra Overview Azure’s Iaas VMs plus Virtual Networks can be used to configure easily a set of servers/VMs to host the main components of a BI solution. This process assumes you already have an Azure subscription plus access to add new VMs and Virtual Networks. Setting… Read more

AlwaysOn Availability Groups Generate Network Traffic with No User Activity

  Author: Kevin Cox Contributors:  Min He,Steve Lindell Reviewers: Sanjay Mishra, Juergen Thomas, Jimmy May   Creating an availability group needs pings and status checks across the different servers involved. This accounts for approximately 500 bytes per database in the group.  The PerfMon counter used to track the activity is “Bytes Received from Replica/sec”.  Books Online… Read more

Always On Availability Group: Connection to readable secondary fails when login SIDs are different or missing

When using ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly to access a readable secondary via the Availability Group Listener, the login SIDs have to be the same between primary and secondary. The connection attempt generates an error saying the login does not exist. This happens because the restored database on the secondary has a defined user, but no associated login. Two… Read more

Tuning Spatial Point Data Queries in SQL Server 2012

Written by: Ed Katibah, Milan Stojic, Michael Rys, Nicholas Dritsas Technical reviewers: Chuck Heinzelman Introduction: Spatial Point Data queries require particular tuning efforts to enhance performance and improve overall application throughput.  SQLServer 2012 introduces a few key new features and improvements to assist you in that goal. Below, we go over a few key best… Read more

Technical Reference Guides for Designing Mission-Critical Solutions using SQL Server are available

The Technical Reference Guides for Designing Mission-Critical Solutions provide planning and architecture guidance for various mission-critical workloads deployed by users. These guidesreflect the knowledge gained by the CAT team while working with customers onmission-critical deployments, many of these deployments being the result ofdeep customer engagements by the CAT organization. Each guide provides not onlythe key… Read more