SSAS Maestros August 2011 Update

As noted in our blog post Announcing SSAS Maestros v1.2, we had a great Analysis Services Level 500 deep dive sessions in Redmond and Madrid back in June/July 2011.  Saying this, we do have some quick updates on the SSAS Maestros current status:


Annoucing the first set of SSAS Maestros:

We have completed the evaluations of the v1.0 Maestros (Feb/Mar 2011) attendees and we will be notifying all of those attendees within the next few weeks – best of luck!  


SSAS Maestros v1.2 evaluations

We are currently working on the logistics behind the SSAS Maestros evaluations taught by SQLCAT  and our partners – Chris Webb [blog], Marco Russo [blog | twitter], Stacia Misner [blog | twitter], and Adam Jorgensen [blog | twitter].


SSAS Maestros gets a great boost!

As well, we’re glad to have the intrepid Robert Davis (@sqlsoldier) helping us with the logistics surrounding SSAS Maestros – more to come shortly!


Thanks from your friendly SQLCAT SSAS Maestros

– John Sirmon [blog | twitter], Thomas Kejser [blog | twitter], and Denny Lee [blog | twitter]