Watch out those prepared SQL statements

Author: Kun Cheng Reviewers: Sunil Agarwal, Chuck Heinzelman, Shaun Tinline-Jones, Prem Mehra Although not documented very well, the system stored procedures listed below are known to many SQL Server developers and DBAs. For more details, please check out But rarely have any developers called these stored procedures directly from application code. They are usually executed on… Read more

Transaction Log size does not match the size of the data being loaded.

I was working with one of our ISV partners recently and they mentioned some very unusual SQL Server transaction log behavior. The transaction log size did not correspond to the actual size of the data being loaded into the database. The ISV created an empty database, setup a backup device, set the database recovery model… Read more

How to tell which version of SQL Server data access driver is used by an application client

In a recent engagement with an ISV, we’ve run into a sporadic application failure problem when the application is deployed in a mixed environment. It comes down to finding out which version of SQL Server driver the application uses for connection. In the mixed environment, some application server machines have SNAC 9 (shipped with SQL… Read more

Optimizing CREATE SET in Cube Calculation Scripts

Author: Thomas Kejser Reviewers: Peter Adshead, Nicholas Dritsas, Sanjay Nayyar, John Desch, Kevin Cox, Akshai Mirchandani, Anne Zorner In this blog we will describe an important optimization that you should apply to cubes that are processed often and have CREATE SET commands in the calculation script. We will describe the measurements you can make to… Read more

New Release of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) includes migration from MySQL and to SQL Azure

Wanted to let the community know the SQL Server Product Group just released version 4.2 of the SQL Server Migration Assistant!  With this version, Microsoft has announced the release of the first version of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for MySQL!   Microsoft refreshed the existing SSMA family of products for Oracle, Sybase and Access. Brand new… Read more

Loading data to SQL Azure the fast way

Introduction Now that you have your database set up in SQL Azure, the next step is to load your data to this database. Your data could exist in various sources; valid sources include SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Access, flat files and others. Your data could exist in various locations. A location might be a data… Read more

Identifying query compile/runtime parameter values using XML SHOWPLAN output.

I recently returned from Convergence 2010; the annual North American Microsoft Dynamics User Conference in Atlanta. It was a really great conference with many Customer, Partner, and Microsoft presentations and success stories. It was inspiring to see what Microsoft Dynamics products are being used for in the real world. I presented a number of sessions… Read more

SQL Azure Customer Best Practices

The SQLCAT team and the SQL Azure team have been working closely together with a number of customers even before we launched our CTP (Community Technology Preview) in November, 2009 at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference).  After our production release in January, 2010, we’ve continued working with some interesting customers and have captured a number… Read more

Now that SQL Server 2008 R2 has RTM’ed…

We have been pretty excited about the last few weeks where there has been a lot of buzz about SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM.  As noted in the SQL Server Data Platform Insider blog posting, this release has a lot of interesting features and is a major release.  We have spent a lot of time… Read more