Whitepaper About Star Join Optimizations

When we talk to Data Warehouse customers – they often raise questions about the star joins improvements SQL Server 2008. Star join is a set of optimizations that provide some interesting performance gains in data warehouse workload. Instead of digging into details here on SQL CAT we want to draw your attention to this nice… Read more

Monitoring free space in tempdb transaction log

Author: Thomas Kejser Reviewers: Peter Byrne, Sunil Agarwal, Prem Mehra, Peter Scharlock, Lindsey Allen, Mark Souza As part of your database monitoring, you may be keeping track of the free space in the transaction log. One reason to do this, is to detect a rogue query consuming too much transaction log space. If you have… Read more

Performance Comparison between Data Type Conversion Techniques in SSIS 2008

Authors: Sedat Yogurtcuoglu and Thomas Kejser Technical Reviewers: Kevin Cox, Denny Lee, Carl Rabeler, Dana Kaufman, Jesse Fountain, Alexei Khalyako, Dana Kaufman Overview Data type conversion is one of the most common ETL tasks used in Microsoft® SQL Server® Integration Services packages. There are several ways to perform these conversions: you can use a Data… Read more