New Best Practices Articles Published – Analysis Services Many-to-Many Dimensions: Query Performance Optimization Techniques

Many-to-many dimension relationships in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) enable you to easily model complex source schemas and provide great analytical capabilities. This capability frequently comes with a substantial cost in query performance due to the runtime join required by Analysis Services to resolve many-to-many queries. This best practices white paper discusses three many-to-many… Read more

New Best Practices Whitepaper Published: The Impact of Changing Collations and of Changing Data Types from Non-Unicode to Unicode

When a business grows internationally, its database system must support multilingual characters in tables. Businesses that previously needed to manage only non-Unicode information must now support database tables that include non-Unicode data types such as CHAR or VARCHAR. As the business grows internationally, it must alter its database system to support Unicode data types. It… Read more