Using ByAttribute or ByTable Processing Group Property with Analysis Services 2005

As noted within the Analysis Services 2005 Performance Guide, there are some niche situations where setting the Processing Group property to ByTable provides more optimal processing than the default value of ByAttribute. In a customer scenario, we had discovered that they had two dimensions (each of which has >25 million members and 8-10 attributes) where… Read more

SSAS small/big query interaction

Default SSAS behavior can sometimes result in small queries being slowed down by concurrently running big queries. Recently in working with a customer, we observed the most common queries when run by themselves took about 1 second and some ad-hoc queries against their 110 GB cube took about 3 minutes.  When running both together, small… Read more

Precision Considerations for Analysis Services Users Whitepaper now available

For those of you whom want to know a little more about precision considerations for Analysis Services users, please check out this recently released whitepaper at This white paper covers accuracy and precision considerations in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. For example, it is possible to query Analysis Services with similar queries and obtain… Read more