Partitioned Tables, Parallelism & Performance considerations

Q:  When querying SS2005 Partitioned Tables, what kind of parallelism should I expect to see and how will that affect performance?   A: First, a brief background on partitioning.  SQL Server 2005 table partitioning provides many improvements in terms of manageability and availability.   The manageability improvements allow metadata only switch-in and switch-out of a partition… Read more

SQL Server 2005 Configuration Blog #2.doc

Prem Mehra and Mike Ruthruff   In an earlier blog, Deploying SQL Server 2005 with SAN #1, we addressed three topics: 1) the core SQL Server requirements with respect to IO subsystem, 2) the complexity introduced by virtualization of the IO subsystem and 3) the type of RAID level to choose.In this one we want… Read more

Deploying SQL Server 2005 with SAN #3

Prem Mehra and Mike Ruthruff   We recommend that prior to deploying SAN in a SQL Server production environment you conduct a bench-mark to establish a performance base-line. There are several benefits: 1) Establish a base-line so that you know ahead of time the maximum throughput and response time to expect 2) Identify any performance… Read more