Power BI PowerPivot report error after 30-second timeout

Power BI allows you to upload an Excel file that contains a report that gets data from the PowerPivot data model. When you refresh the report on the Power BI report gallery, you may get an error after 30 seconds An error occurred while working on the Data Model in the workbook. Please try again….


SSAS DSV COM error from SSDT SSAS design Data Source View

Recently I worked on a case regarding a COM error when opening the data source view (DSV) of an Analysis Services multidimensional project.   Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. (msddsp)     Below is the call stack of the exception   at MSDDS.IDdsDiagram.CreateConnector(String ProgID, Boolean Visible, IDdsDiagramObject…


New SSAS tabular model parallel processing in SQL Server 2016 CTP2

There is a known limitation on SQL Server 2012 and 2014 SSAS tabular model. If you have a table with multiple partitions, when you process these partitions, only one partition can be processed in the same table. Partitions from different tables can be process in parallel. SQL Server 2016 CTP2 has an improvement to allow…


PowerPivot scheduled data refresh should use an Oracle account that does not have password expiration

I have a customer who encountered a server hang issue on the PowerPivot SSAS instance. No PowerPivot reports can run on the SharePoint site. The customer cannot even connect to the PowerPivot SSAS instance using SSMS or any client tool. The connection just hangs.   This customer has PowerPivot for SharePoint to do scheduled data…


SSAS error “The operation has been cancelled because there is not enough memory for the application” when there is still a lot of memory available

In SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), you may encounter the following error message in the \Log\msmdsrv.log file. Error(s): Server: The operation has been cancelled because there is not enough memory for the application. If using a 32-bit version of the product, consider upgrading to 64-bit version, or increasing the amount of memory available on the…