Why is the Initialization checkmark sometimes grayed out in Reporting Services 2005 Configuration Manager?

Just a quick post for Reporting Services.


If you are using the Standard edition of Reporting Services, the initialization pane is grayed out in Reporting Services Configuration Manager.


You should still see the checkmark. This is grayed out because scale out to a web farm is not available in this edition. If the Report Server Windows service is running, it is already initialized.


POSTED BY : Cary Russell

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  1. Cary Russell says:

    For Reporting Services to install the Server components, IIS must be installed. Please review the information in this link for the full software requirements.


    I hope this helps.

  2. Arthur Fuller says:

    In desperation, I have installed SQL 2005 standard on three machnes: one is an HP 2GB duo-core; the second is a Toshiba laptop with 2GB and 2Gz. The third is a P4 with 1GB and 1.5 Gz. All are running XP Pro.

    The only box on which I can install Reporting Services is the third one. (Whew, at least I installed it somewhere!) I have putzed around for about a week trying to deterimine why it won’t install on the other two boxes. My guess is that it has something to do with IIS, but I don’t know. When I run the DVD, Reporting Services is greyed out on the first two boxes, but was selectable on the third.

    On one of the failed boxes, I got a repeated error during installation, which cited 0x800900f – already exists… mark it read-write and overwrite it? I said yes. I searched the registry for this value and couldn’t find it.

    Even on the third box, where RS allegedly installed successfully, I can ping the box but I can’t open a browser pointed at it (

    By this point, you have doubtless concluded that I am technically challenged. I agree. But actually I do know a fair amount about SQL 2000 and SQL 2005. But I am stymied on this. I’ve been comparing screen dumps and such to try and figure out why RS won’t even install on two boxes, but does on the third.

    Any assistance gratefully appreciated.


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